This pain usually lasts for three hours after eating a meal.

There are also rare conditions—like a ruptured spleen, thoracic outlet syndrome,.

2264. The present literature review is an attempt to organize the present clinical knowledge and comprehension about postthoracotomy ISP and its management, to orient future research directions.

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The mechanism of laparoscopy-induced shoulder pain is mainly derived from carbon dioxide retention within the abdomen, subsequently irritating the phrenic nerve and causing referred pain in the C4 dermatome.

Objectives: This meta-analysis was aimed at investigating the effectiveness and safety of phrenic nerve infiltration (PNI) against ipsilateral shoulder pain (ISP) after thoracic surgery. . Sleeping Positions.

Pain occurs in the scapula with stimulating the phrenic nerve.

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Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) can treat epilepsy and depression. 1%).


There are variations in the segmental origin of the phrenic nerve, with the C3-C4-C5 roots appearing most frequently in studies with important.

Because this nerve travels around the lungs, gallbladder. How Do I Get Left Shoulder Pain Right After I Eat? The phrenic nerve innervates the left shoulder and the upper abdomen region.

Aug 8, 2021 · Another type of referred pain that could be causing discomfort in your left shoulder is trapped gas. The phrenic nerve is a deep branch of the cervical plexus arising mainly from the C4 spinal nerve, but also receives contributions from C3 and C5 spinal nerves.

Because this nerve travels around the lungs, gallbladder.

Participants: Patients undergoing thoracic surgery.

Collarbone pain can be caused by injuries, infections, health conditions, and even certain sleeping positions.

. In humans, the right and left phrenic nerves are primarily supplied by the C4 spinal nerve, but there is. May 31, 2022 · Referred shoulder pain, attributed to irritation of phrenic nerve afferent fibers innervating the diaphragm and its associated serous membranes, can have numerous etiologies ranging from hemoperitoneum to pericarditis to foreign bodies.

3 Interscalene brachial plexus block is the most common regional anesthetic technique; however, phrenic nerve palsy and hemidiaphragmatic paresis have traditionally been inevitable consequences, which limit its utility in the. . A randomised, controlled, double-blind trial of ultrasound-guided phrenic nerve block to prevent shoulder pain after thoracic surgery. Conclusion: Based on these findings, ultrasound-guided PNB can prevent or reduce the PLSP without clinically significant respiratory discomfort. As a result, the diaphragm can become inflamed, affecting the phrenic nerve. Moderate to severe ipsilateral shoulder pain is a common complaint following thoracic surgery.


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I have Erythromelalgia and on Neurontin 300 5 times a day and Endep 50mg.

When i dont eat, when gas builds up, when I overeat, when i carry weight on my left shoulder or in my hand or on my arm, If i have anything acidic or heavy.

Material and Method.

10-13 Moreover, carbon dioxide trapped between the liver and the right diaphragm, irritating the diaphragm, also causes upper abdominal.